Bromo Tour Package From Train Station & Hotel In Probolinggo – The latest Bromo Tour Package from Probolinggo, Station or hotel pick-up – is a Bromo tour package that provides sharing classes with other groups of all needs for natural tourists who want to visit Mount Bromo Tourism.

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Bromo From Train Station Probolinggo 

We have private tour packages without tours with other members or sharing Bromo tours from the train station or pick up from hotels staying in Probolinggo, the package includes travel schedules, Bromo jeep rental, Bromo tour entrance tickets, transportation to and from.. Bromo tour packages From Probolinggo Station is the main choice for tourists because to visit and enjoy all the tours in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, the distance is not too far to get there, the Bromo tour package from Probolinggo City Station takes only 2days 1 night.


While spending the night or staying overnight in the area around the tourist area of Mount Bromo From Probolinggo Train Station, East Java and in the morning exploring the beauty of Mount Bromo.

We offer this Mount Bromo Tour Package from Probolinggo so that you feel the experience of exploring Bromo trips is very safe, comfortable and fun.

And that is considered more than enough to satisfy the eye to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo tourism.

Bromo Sharing Tour Destinations from Probolinggo Train Station that you can visit on Bromo Tengger Semeru tours from our tour packages:

  • climbing bromo Sunrise Point
  • bromo crater
  • Potent Temple
  • bromo whispering sand.

Bromo Sharing Stay One Night

Day One: Meeting point at the probolinggo meeting point at 06.00 Pm, you will be picked up by a driver who is also a guide while in Bromo. the trip will take 1 hour to get to the hotel in Bromo, check in the hotel and rest

Day Two: Pick up by jeep from

Then you will be taken to Pananjakan with a jeep fleet which takes approximately 45 minutes, the offroad sensation will be felt because of the winding road to the mountain which has an altitude of -+2750M above sea level.

Arriving at the Penanjakan view point while waiting for the sunrise, you can enjoy a cup of coffee / snacks at local kiosks. Only after the sun appears you will be presented with a view of the sunrise that is so beautiful with the background of Mount Batok, Bromo Crater and Mount Semeru. This moment is immortalized as if we were holding the sun.

After being satisfied watching the sunrise and the sun starting to rise, participants will be invited to go down to the next destination Bromo crater, can walk or ride a horse (excluded). To get to the crater rim of Bromo, you will first climb – + 250 stairs.

Furthermore, the third destination is the desert / more famous whispering sand. At this destination you can take selfies with a jeep or stand on a concrete peg at the jeep track boundary.

Then for the last spot, you will be invited to the savanna and teletubbies hills. Here you will enjoy the beauty of small hills wrapped in green grass.

The tour ends with a time limit of -10 o’clock, you have to go to the meeting point at the Sukapura Probolinggo rest area and see you again on the next tour.

Price Mount Bromo From Probolinggo Train Station

IDR 900.000 / PERSON

Facilities Include and Exclude Bromo Tour Packages from Probolinggo Station:

(INCLUDE) Includes:

  • Sharing Transport from Probolinggo City going and coming back
  • Lodging in Bromo and breakfast
  • Rent a Bromo Jeep from Probolinggo (Sukapura Rest area / entrance to Mount Bromo)
  • Bromo entrance ticket
  • Driver as guide

Facilities not included (EXCLUDE)

  • Personal expenses
  • Eat
  • Horse Riding Fee
  • Transportation to the place of origin

Bromo Tour Without Stay

You will be picked up by our team on duty as a local Bromo jeep driver, at 01.00 – 02.00 WIB. at the meeting point rest area or your place of stay in the Sukapura Probolinggo area.

After meeting with our team, the Bromo Tour Sharing Packages series from Hotel Probolinggo will begin. by inviting us to ride the Jeep that we have provided and immediately invite you to the sunrise view spot.

The atmosphere with the sensation of Offroad will immediately be presented, by passing the winding road. And through the sea of ​​​​sand at night before morning.

This trip is estimated to take approximately 45 minutes, when the jeep arrives at the climbing view point, you will be greeted by the cold air of Bromo tourism.

Around the sunrise hunting area, there are small stalls belonging to the original Tengger Tribe, which provide a variety of drinks.

You can order a cup of coffee or tea, to help warm up while waiting for the moment that is awaited, namely the sunrise.

After the time comes, the moment the sunrise arrives, you will immediately be treated to amazing natural landscape paintings.

With a splash of sunlight that appears slowly from the east, perfecting the beautiful view of Mount Bromo with a backdrop of mountain ranges on the right and left.

After enjoying the view of the Mount Bromo sunrise and the rising sun, we will invite you to continue the journey, towards the Bromo sand sea.

Along this slightly extreme downhill road, you will be presented with views of the outer landscape from behind the jeep glass. Then stop for a moment in the Widodaren Valley.

This valley is a place, which is a favorite of tourists for hunting instagramable photos, and then back up the jeep to the jeep parking area of ​​the crater of Mount Bromo.

Arriving at the jeep parking rest area, we invite you to explore Mount Bromo tourism by trekking or walking, to take a close look at Ponten Temple, Mount Batok and towards the lips of Bromo Crater.

You can also use a horse rental service, to get to the foot of the stairs of Mount Bromo. then climb up the stairs, a number of 250 steps to the crater rim.

until the time, you will be invited back, to the initial meeting point at the Sukapura Probolinggo rest area. The Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo ended happily with us. then travel back to the final destination in Probolingo City

Price Mount Bromo From Hotel In Probolinggo 

IDR 600.000 / PERSON

Facilities Include and Exclude Bromo Tour Packages from Probolinggo Station:

(INCLUDE) Includes:

  • Sharing Transport from Probolinggo City going and coming back
  • Rent a Bromo Jeep from Probolinggo (Sukapura Rest area / entrance to Mount Bromo)
  • Bromo entrance ticket
  • Driver as guide

Facilities not included (EXCLUDE)

  • Personal expenses
  • Eat
  • Horse Riding Fee
  • Transportation to the place of origin

Bromo Tour Package Terms & Conditions:

  • The price does not apply to high season
  • Prices are conditional and can change at any time without prior notice.
  • The price includes the Bromo jeep rental service from the Sukapura Bromo entrance.
  • The price includes the entrance ticket to Mount Bromo.
  • All accommodation can be included according to the participant’s request and the price will change according to the classification of the hotel and the chosen place to eat.
  • Sign so / DP Bromo tour package from Probolinggo of 30% of the total final price & payment at the time of picking up participants.
  • The existence of proof of transfer & participant data is a requirement for booking a tour package.
  • Changes to the tour schedule can be made at least D-10 from the original date of implementation.
  • If there is a cancellation of the tour from the participant before the D-10, an administration fee will be charged according to the costs we have paid for the benefit of the tour (such as Bromo tickets, Dp for hotels and restaurants / places to eat).
  • Cancel trip by participants more than D-5, Dp will be forfeited.
  • The age limit for children is 4 years and over.
  • We will only include it as a list of participants if you have made a Bromo Booking payment with Dp.

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