Mount Bromo Tour Ijen Crater From Singapore Surabaya – Mount Bromo is one of the best locations for milkyway viewing and photography in Indonesia. Milky Way in Indonesian means the Milky Way, which is an arrangement of millions of stars scattered in space with a band of white glowing fog that stretches across the disk/plane of the galaxy.

There are several things that need to be known and prepared if you go to Bromo with the intention of seeing the beauty of this Milky Way Bromo. The first thing you have to know is the weather / rainy season in Bromo, the selection of locations and places for milkyway shots and adequate equipment. For more complete information on milkyway photography tour, see below.

Mount Bromo Tour from Singapore Malaysia

for travel to Mount Bromo from Singapore or Malaysia it is very easy, you can take international flights, you can transit through the city of Jakarta or go directly to the Surabaya airport, this Bromo Milky Way Tour Package is still very new because only a few years the Bromo Milky Way has become an additional destination for objects tours other than the sunrise of Mount Bromo, mostly in Asian countries that have a lot of interest in seeing the Milky way Bromo, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and many other Asian countries who like Bromo Milky way Bromo, most of them directly fly from their country to the airport Surabaya then head to Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour

Bromo Milky Way Tour is to witness a natural phenomenon of a collection of millions of star clusters at night from the top of Mount Bromo which can only be enjoyed at certain times and hours. To ensure that you must know some important things such as the weather, season and the right location in the Mount Bromo area which can be used as a place for milky way photography activities. a very good time to see the milky way is in july to september with relatively sunny and cloudless weather, other than july to september then you will not see the milky way bromo with sunny

Bromo Milky Way Tour Package Schedule

Day 1. Bromo Milky Way Tour Package (Without Stay)

  • The Milky way tour starts with picking up participants in the city of Surabaya or Malang at 7 pm
  • At 11.00 in the morning the shuttle jeep at Bromo and preparation for the start of the milkyway tour without staying
  • The journey starts by heading to Penanjakan 2 to see the Milky Way
  • After the milkyway trip, then continue with the Bromo sunrise tour at the Peak of Mount Pananjakan 2.
  • After enjoying the sunrise at Penanjakan then the tour continues to the Sea of ​​Sand / Bromo Caldera while still using a Jeep vehicle
  • Arriving at the parking area you can rent a horse or walk to reach Bromo crater.
  • Satisfied to see Bromo crater, continue towards Savanna Grass, Teletubies Hill and Whispering Sand.
  • Satisfied with the exploration, then return to the jeep post and our team will immediately take you to the desired location to Surabaya or Malang Airport and. Mount Bromo Milkyway tour is over.

Facilities Bromo Milky Way Without Stay 

  • Private transportation from Surabaya Airport
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Entrance ticket to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
  • Parking & Retribution
  • Rent a Jeep Bromo Milky Way and 4 tourist locations in Bromo

Day 1. Singapore – Surabaya Airport – Mount Bromo To Check In Hotel

  • Fly from Singapore to Surabaya AirPort to Pick you up at  the time you have set by yourself
  • Then by our team we will be escorted directly to the village of pine lawang or Sukapura with a distance of 2.5-3.5 hours after that check in at Mount Bromo Probolinggo area and rest

Day 2. Mount Bromo Milky Way – Mount Bromo Sunrise – Transfer Out 

  • Mount Bromo tour starts at 12.00 at night or adjusts the time of the milky way. Preparations start seeing and photographing the milkyway phenomenon from the top of Mount Bromo by using a jeep drive for 30 minutes.
  • After finishing the milky way photography, then proceed to see the sunrise. Once satisfied to enjoy the sunrise then pack up and continue with the Bromo jeep to the sea of ​​sand and from the parking area you can rent a horse or walk to reach Bromo crater. Satisfied to see Bromo crater up close, continue towards the savanna, Teletubies Hill and whispering sand.
  • After finishing the milkyway tour and going to 4 locations in bromo, the jeep will return to the jeep transit point and take you directly to the place you want. Tour is over.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days 1 Nigt

  • Private transportation from Surabaya Airport
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • 1 Night Stay at Hotel area of Mount Bromo + breakfast
  • Entrance ticket to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
  • Parking & Retribution
  • Rent a Jeep Bromo Milky Way and 4 tourist locations in Bromo

Thus our offer for the Bromo Sunrise tour package, if there is anything you want to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to contact us either via direct telephone, chat wa or email. We will be very happy if we can provide the best for your trip in Bromo, especially when hunting the milky way.

Mount Bromo Tour Ijen Crater 3 Days 2 Nights

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Packages Are two active volcanic mountains, one of the largest in the world and the most popular destination in Indonesia. To reach it, one of Mount Bromo is the Ijen Crater, to reach this peak tourists have to climb for about 1 to 2 hours to meet local people who bring sulfur from Ijen Peak. Visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Ijen Crater are not only local people, but foreign tourists also share in enjoying its beauty. Besides enjoying the beauty of the volcanic lake, they also want to witness the blue fire that comes out of the center of the crater, as well as the beauty of the sunrise on the top of the mountain. The reason is that Ijen Crater is one of the prima donna of highly recommended tourist destinations besides Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Scedule :

Day One: Surabaya/Malang – Mount Bromo ( Hotel Area )

  • Our staff will pick you up in Surabaya or Malang
  • Continuing the trip to the Bromo area
  • Lunch in Pasuruan City or Probolinggo
  • Continue the journey to the hotel in Bromo (3-4 hours from Surabaya)
  • Arriving at the Bromo area, check in to the hotel free program

Second Day: Mount Bromo Tour Sunrise – Ijen Crater ( Hotel Area )

  • Starting the Mount Bromo Tour around 03.30 in the morning
  • You will be picked up by a 4WD jeep from the hotel where you spend the night
  • Towards climb 1 as meeting point view sunrise (about 1 hour)
  • From enjoying the sunrise proceed to the crater of Mount Bromo
  • After exploring the crater of Mount Bromo back to the hotel
  • Breakfast, clean and rest for a while
  • Check out the hotel and transfer directly to the Ijen crater area around (4 hours)
  • Lunch at a restaurant along the route to the Ijen crater tourist area
  • Arriving at the Ijen crater area check in hotel and rest free program

Third Day: Ijen Crater Tour – Back to Surabaya/Malang

  • Preparation for climbing around 04.30 in the morning (if you want to see the blue fire leave at 01.30 wid
  • At around 05.00 go straight to the location of Paltuding as the last location of the vehicle
  • From Paltuding continue the journey by trekking for about 2 hours
  • Explore the beauty of the Ijen crater until satisfied
  • Return to the hotel and have breakfast and rest. Check out the hotel and transfer directly to Surabaya or Malang / Ketapang Banywaungi Harbour
  • Until the purpose of Bromo Ijen Tour the program ends

Facilities Bromo Ijen Tour

  • The latest and most convenient transportation includes fuel, parking fees and experienced and friendly drivers
  • Rent a Jeep on Mount Bromo for a tour of 5 locations
  • 3 star hotels in Mount Bromo Hotels (Bromo Permai Hotel, Cemara Indah Hotel, Cafe Lava)
  • Lodging at the closest hotel to Ijen Crater (Arabica/Catimor)
  • Mount Bromo entrance ticket
  • Ijen Blue Fire Crater Entrance Ticket
  • Local Guides
  • Mineral water and snacks

You can order the tour package program above from now on, please contact our customer number, and check other tour packages here or Please contact us for complete information regarding the cost of the Cheap Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package above because the Bromo Ijen Tour Price depends on the number of participants and tour dates as well as the level of hotel accommodation you want to use. Do you want to combine the 2023 Mount Bromo Tour Package with Malang City Tour and Batu City so that it becomes an attractive Bromo Malang Tour Package? please visit each of these links or you can also go through the Cheap Malang Tour Package link? just check the options below.

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