Mount Bromo National Park Cost & Tour Information – This time we will provide information about Mount Bromo which is not known by many people, namely about past history, where it is located, access routes that can be traversed and tourist spots around Mount Bromo in East Java.

Mount Bromo National Park

A natural tourist destination that is never empty of visitors is Mount Bromo. Despite its active status, the charm of Mount Bromo has always been the center of attention for many tourists.

Bromo is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area which is in 4 district boundaries with an area of approximately 50,276.3 ha with a stretch from west to east about 20-30 kilometers and from north to south about 40 km.

Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

Mount Bromo East Java has an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level and is believed to be a sacred mountain by Tengger Hindus. The name Bromo itself is taken from the word “Brahma” in Sanskrit, the first god of Hinduism.

Mount BromoTourist Area

What’s interesting about this mountain is its shape which is intertwined between valleys and canyons with a sea of ​​sand which has an area of 10 square kilometers. The following is information you need to know about the tourist attractions of Mount Bromo, East Java.

1. History and Legend of Bromo
According to history, Mount Bromo is very closely related to adherents of Hinduism. It is said that based on the story there was a war during the Majapahit kingdom and finally the natives fled to find a new place to live, some to the island of Bali and some to Mount Bromo.

The name Bromo itself is taken from the Sanskrit word “Brahma” which means the main god of Hinduism. Therefore Mount Bromo / Brahma is believed to be a sacred mountain by the Tengger tribe.

The origin of the name of the tengger tribe also comes from the legendary story of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. And to perpetuate this history and legend, a Kasada ceremony is held every year which takes place from midnight to early morning every full moon around the 14th or 15th of the Kasodo (tenth) month according to the Javanese calendar.

2. Location of Mount Bromo
If you look at Google Maps, the location of Bromo is in the middle of the 4 district border areas in East Java, namely Malang Regency, Lumajang Regency, Pasuruan Regency and Probolinggo Regency.

Mount Bromo is located within the Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park area. Even though the location of Mount Bromo is still in the same National Park area as Mount Semeru, the distance between the two is quite far. The location of Mount Bromo is to the north of Mount Semeru which is ± 18 km if measured straight from the center of the crater of each of these volcanoes.

3. Access Point / Route to Bromo
Those who want to visit Bromo, the path or route to this tourist spot can be passed to 4 entrances, namely the entrance from Malang Tumpang, Tosari Wonokitri Pasuruan, Senduro Lumajang and Sukapura Cemara Lawang Ngadisari Probolinggo.

The access road is paved even though it passes through hills with steep ravines and turns. But overall, 2-wheeled motorized vehicles can still be passed and 4-wheeled private cars can only reach the final limit, namely the national park entrance post. Next, you are required to rent a Bromo jeep to explore the tourist spots around it.

Meanwhile, mini and large buses can pass through the Probolinggo route with the final stop at the Sukapura market/terminal.

4. 18 Tourist Spots Around Mount Bromo
If you have never been to Mount Bromo, you don’t know what spots are interesting, so you must visit and when is the best time to visit Bromo. Around the Mount Bromo area, there are many beautiful tourist spots to visit, but visiting all of them is not enough with just 1 day.

Bromo is not only the best place to greet the morning “sunrise”, but there are still many spots that are a shame not to be missed. Here are some attractions around Bromo that you need to know.

Madakaripura Waterfall Near Bromo National Park

Waterfall not far from the location of Bromo. If you go to Bromo from the city of Surabaya via the city of Probolinggo, you will definitely pass the route to this waterfall tourist spot. The location of Madakaripura Waterfall is in Lumbang Village, Sukapura District, Probolinggo Regency.

Mount Bromo Crater

One of the mandatory destinations visited during a vacation to Bromo is the Bromo Crater. To reach this place you have to walk and continue climbing 250 steps. Another alternative if you don’t want to walk to the Bromo steps, you can rent a horse or take a motorcycle taxi in the sea of sand.

Peak of Penanjakan 1 Bromo

This place is being hunted by tourists from various countries. The charm of the morning beauty picking up the sun is the first agenda of the majority of tourists who go to Bromo. However, to watch the sunrise on Bromo at the top of Penanjakan 1 is a bit difficult because after having to walk and climb stairs.

But for visitors who don’t want to get tired of walking, there are many other locations for sunrise views such as Bukit Cinta, Bukit Kingkong, Seruni Point (Penanjakan 2) and Mentigen Hill. You have to choose one of them because you won’t be able to visit at the same time to this sunrise view location.

Kingkong Hill Of Mount Bromo

The place for the Bromo sunrise view is right below the peak of climbing 1. You have to leave early to get to this location so you can park higher so you don’t have to walk too far. The parking area is in the lane along the road, the later you leave, the lower the parking location.

Love Hill Of Mount Bromo

The most recommended for visitors who don’t want to walk too far is the hill of love. The place is right on the edge of the road so that tourists are just waiting for the Bromo Tour Sunrise to appear at 5.15 WIB. This place is very close to the love story between Joko Seger and Roro Anteng as the forerunner to the history of the legend of the Tengger tribe on Mount Bromo.

Seruni Point Or Penanjakan 2 

The alternative to seeing the sunrise at Bromo is at Seruni Point or commonly called Puncak Penanjakan 2. The easiest access is via Probolinggo, even though this place is not part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, it is very close to Bromo, which is on the west side.

Mentigen Hill Of Mount Bromo

The existence of Mentigen Hill is less familiar to tourists because it is not so favorite as a place to see the sunrise because the view is less attractive compared to other places. The location is to the east of the TNBTS post, which is in Cemoro  Lawang Bromo, to be precise, behind the Lava View Lodge hotel.

Luhur Poten Temple

Poten Temple is a place of worship for Tengger Hindus located at the foot of Bromo. You can visit this temple before or after from the Bromo crater because it is located in the direction of the steps of Mount Bromo. This temple is also used as a traditional ceremony for the famous Tengger tribe, namely Kasada Bromo.

Mount Batok 

The arid mountain/hill which is right next to the Mount Bromo crater. It is called Gunung Batok because the texture and shape resembles a coconut shell or shell.

Whispering Sand Of Bromo

It is called Whispering Sands because the sand in this location will hear sounds (in Javanese) when blown by the wind and therefore the local people call this place Whispering Sands. This place is in the northeast of Mount Bromo.

Peak B29 and B30 Mount Bromo

This peak is the highest in the area around Bromo but access to peak locations B29 and 30 is different from the route to Bromo in general so that tourists who are going to this place prefer to separate it from the tour destination to Bromo. This place is perfect for camping activities in Bromo to see the sunrise and sunset.

Bromo Teletubbies Savana Hill Of Mount Bromo

This location is southeast of Mount Bromo. To bromo via the overlapping malang route is the closest route to the savanna and teletubbies bromo hills. The perfect view in this place is during the rainy season / spring because as far as the eye can see you will see a beautiful expanse of grass.

Sand See Of Mount Bromo

The 10 hectare stretch of sand is the uniqueness and characteristic of Mount Bromo. All tourists will go to this place after seeing the sunrise and before heading to the sublime poten temple and bromo crater.

Ranu Pane Lumajang Nasional Park 

The name of a tourist village which has a lake located at the foot of Mount Semeru. A place that is usually used as a transit location for all climbers who will go up and down to Ranu Kumbolo and Semeru. There are also many homestays available for resting. Reportedly, in this location there is an endemic cultivation of Mount Semeru orchids.

Ranu Kumbolo National Park 

The lake at the foot of Mount Semeru is the only largest lake that exists on a volcano and to reach the location of Ranu Kumbolo requires climbing for 3-4 hours. For that, if you are interested in this place, you can go on a Ranu Kumbolo trip with camping for 2 days and 1 night.

Mount Semeru National Park

The highest mountain on the island of Java which has always been the center of attention of domestic and foreign climbers. To reach the top of the volcano Semeru does not require special climbing skills and beginners are also able to reach the top, namely by climbing Semeru for a minimum of 3 days and 2 nights.

Coban Pelangi Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Ngadas Hamlet, Poncokusumo, Malang, East Java. Managed by Perum Perhutani KPH Malang. Heading towards Mount Bromo, Ranu Pane, Ranu Kumbolo and Semeru from the city of Malang via the Trident Coban entrance. It takes extra energy to visit this place because you have to walk 1.5 km and go down via steep bamboo stairs.

Mount Bromo Glass Bridge

The newest tourist spot on Mount Bromo, which is expected to be completed at the end of 2022. As the forerunner of a new tourist spot in Bromo, of course it makes many tourists who visit Bromo curious about what this glass bridge is made of. The location is in the same direction as Seruni Point, which is in the village of Cedar Lawang / Ngadisari, Probolinggo Regency.

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Travel Budget To Mount Bromo

Setting a budget before going on a tour really needs to be detailed in advance so that all needs can be prepared for the smooth running of the tour. Below is the budget that must be spent when traveling to Bromo.

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