Mount Bromo Tour – Recreation To Mount Bromo Surabaya Indonesia – Enjoying the vast expanse of sea of sand, witnessing the splendor of Mount Semeru soaring to the sky, and gazing at the beauty of the sun moving out of its cradle or conversely enjoying the dim twilight from the Bromo ridge is an unforgettable experience when visiting Bromo.

Mount Bromo Surabaya Tour

Don’t say you’ve been to East Java if you haven’t set foot on this beautiful volcano. Mount Bromo in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is unique with sea sand covering an area of 5,250 hectares at an altitude of 2392 m above sea level. You can go horse riding and climb Mount Bromo through the stairs and see the sunrise. See how the enchanting charm of the Sun at its sunrise and sunset will be a deep personal experience when you see it in person.

Mount Bromo comes from the word Brahma (one of the Gods of Hinduism). Bromo is a volcano that is still active and is well known as a tourist icon in East Java. This mountain is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia but has spectacular and dramatic views. Its extraordinary beauty makes tourists who visit it amazed.

From the top of Mount Penanjakan at an altitude of 2,770 m, tourists from all over the world come to see the panoramic sunrise from Mount Bromo. The views are truly breathtaking and all you will hear is the sound of tourists’ cameras snapping as they capture moments that you can’t get anywhere else

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

At sunrise in mount bromo tour it is very extraordinary where you will see the foreground of Mount Semeru emitting smoke from a distance and the sun shining brightly up into the sky. Under the sea of ​​sand you can enjoy the atmosphere by riding, driving around using a vehicle (jeep), and simply by sipping hot coffee or tea it will be very enjoyable. Don’t forget to chat with the friendly natives to get interesting stories about this volcano.

Mount Bromo is inhabited by the Tengger people who believe that Mount Bromo is a place where a prince sacrificed his life for his family. The people here perform the Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo festival once a year by offering vegetables, chicken and money thrown into the volcanic crater to be offered to the gods.

Bromo Share Tour Packages

The Bromo Midnight Share Tour Package or also not infrequently people call the 1-day Bromo tour is a tour package for those of you who have a short vacation duration. The reason is, in this one tour package, the duration of the tour is only 12 hours. Even so, you will get an experience that will not be forgotten thanks to the amazingly beautiful scenery at Bromo.

Not only that, by ordering mount bromo share package, you will get lots of benefits. Make new friends on the trip, new experiences, save costs and one thing for sure the trip will still go on!

5 Mount Bromo Tour Options 

For those of you who choose the Bromo package, of course, you have limited time during your visit to Malang. We can assist you in preparing holiday programs, starting from transportation, lodging, guides, and travel routes so that your tour in Malang remains comfortable and according to the agenda you want.

  1. Bromo Malang Batu Tour Package  2 Days 1 Night
    Of course a vacation with family is a moment that is highly anticipated. But for those of you who are constrained by time or only have limited time, it’s a wise choice if you choose this package. This package is the top choice for tourists who take small children with them. Because besides visiting Bromo, you can also visit Batu City. For destinations that will be visited when in Batu, you can choose according to your wishes and your family.
  2. Mount bromo tour Malang Beach Tour Package  2 Days 1 Night Tired of the same artificial tours? And want to feel the warmth of the sun and play on the beach? The Bromo beach package is the most appropriate choice. We will take you to explore the beauty of Malang’s beautiful South Beach complete with white sand and big waves.
  3. Bromo Malang Tumpak Sewu Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night. If you are a traveler who likes adventure by exploring far and challenging places! So choosing to explore Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is a very interesting choice. Tumpak Sewu is a waterfall that has an incredibly beautiful view. Apart from that, the sensation of going down a steep cliff will be an adrenaline rush for you.
  4. Bromo Malang Tubing Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night, After being satisfied with enjoying the sunrise at Penanjakan Mount Bromo, we will invite you to feel the freshness of the river flowing from the foot of Mount Semeru. This tubing tour is very interesting. By riding a rubber tire, we will invite you to go down the river with fresh green scenery along the way. Besides that, the rapids on the river tubing route are very exciting and can relieve your stress.
  5. Bromo Malang Rafting Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night You want to take your children on vacation to Malang and want to try new challenges? Bromo Tour Package can be your choice this time. Children who have grown up certainly like new challenges, especially those close to nature. No need to worry if you can’t swim because each rafting participant will be equipped with standard safety such as life jackets, paddles and also a rubber boat leader who will guide the boat through challenging rapids.

What are the Facilitations?

The facilities that we provide can be said to be quite complete. With an affordable price you will get the following facilities:

  • Transportation during the trip
  • Driver & fuel
  • Rent a Jeep
  • Jeep driver as a guide
  • Mount Bromo Entrance Ticket

Tour Mount Bromo Indonesia

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