Price List For Climbing The Ijen Crater Banyuwangi – Ijen Crater Tourism is one of the natural tourist destinations that is a bucket list for many people. This natural tourist spot presents a very beautiful view that not only attracts local tourists, but also foreign tourists.

Ijen Crater is a natural tourist attraction in the form of an acidic lake which has a bluish green color with a diameter of about 700 meters and an area of 5,466 hectares. Ijen Crater has a depth of up to 200 meters and the volume of the lake can reach 36 million cubic meters. This lake was formed naturally due to the eruption of Mount Ijen which was still active until it finally formed a large indentation and became a lake.

Kawah Ijen / Ijen Crater Indonesia

Even though basically this tour is a lake, there is a lot of uniqueness that this Ijen Crater has. Starting from its unusual appearance because around it there will be fog covering the crater because the temperature is in the range of 2 degrees Celsius.

Ijen Crater is the pride of the people of East Java because it turns out that Ijen Crater is included in the largest acidic water lake in the world.
This is what causes it to have visitors up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of people per year.

The acidity level of Ijen Crater can even be close to zero so that it can dissolve all kinds of objects that enter it quickly.
Therefore, when you go there, you must comply with the safe distance that has been set by the management.

In the tourist area of Ijen Crater, we can enjoy not only the beautiful view of the lake, but you can also see some plants that only grow in the highlands.
Starting from edelweiss flowers to mountain cypress flowers. Apart from that, there is also an expanse of Manisrejo trees that lie on the road leading to Ijen Crater. One more thing that is the main attraction of Ijen Crater, namely its blue fire that you cannot miss to see.

This blue flame appears naturally from the middle of the lake and can usually only be seen in the early hours of the morning, which is less than 05.00. Uniquely, there are only two blue fire phenomena in the world, namely in Iceland and one in Ijen Crater, Indonesia.

Information About Ijen Crater Tourism

Before traveling to Ijen Crater, it’s a good idea for Moms to know some of the information below:

1. Location and Opening Hours of Ijen Crater Tourism
Ijen crater Due to its very large size, this Ijen Crater tour is included in the territory of two districts, namely Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java. Even so, most people will enter through Banyuwangi Regency so that this tourist spot is better known as a typical Banyuwangi tourist spot.

2. Ijen Crater Tour Route From Banyuwangi
The Ijen Crater tourist route is actually divided into two, namely the route to the tourist location and the route to the top of the Ijen Crater. For the route to the Ijen Crater tourist location, you can actually take a ride departing from the Banyuwangi City Station location point.

From there, all you have to do is head towards Licin District and Banyusari Village. Later from Banyusari Village, all you have to do is continue the journey to the Paltuding route. If you depart from Surabaya, you can take the toll road to Probolinggo which passes through Bangil and Pasuruan. After exiting the toll road, enter Kraksaan, then Besuki until you arrive at Bondowoso. From Bondowoso, just head towards the Paltuding route.

As for the hiking trail to the top of Ijen Crater, you can start from Paltuding as the first climbing post. From here you just have to follow the hiking trail. The climb to Ijen Crater takes approximately 2-4 hours. Usually people will start climbing past 12 at night.

Since the Ijen Crater tour is cold and you have to go through a hiking trail, you must wear thick clothing and prepare strong stamina before leaving. Don’t forget to bring a mask because the smell of sulfur is very sharp.

3. Price Ijen Crater Tour Entrance Ticket

For tickets to enter the Ijen Crater tour, you have to pay an entrance ticket for only Rp. 5,000 on weekdays or Monday-Friday. Meanwhile, for Saturday-Sunday, the entry fee is IDR 7,500.

The price of the entrance ticket is the price for local tourists or Indonesians, but for foreign or foreign tourists, the ticket price is IDR 100,000 for weekdays and IDR 150,000 for Saturday-Sunday.

Because the scenery is so beautiful, it’s not uncommon for people to choose to use it as a pre-wedding photo background or other needs. If you want to do commercial shooting, the fees charged can reach IDR 10,000,000.

Ijen Blue fire Tour Package Prices

For rates or prices for Ijen Blue fire Crater tour packages, of course they vary. We will adjust the price according to the number of tour participants. For more details, let’s look at the price list for the Ijen Bluefire tour package below.

Number of Tour Package Prices

  • 2-3 participants Rp. 1,525,000 / person
  • 4-5 participants Rp. 880,000 / person
  • 6-8 participants Rp. 725,000 / person
  • 9-12 participants Rp. 560,000/ person
  • >12 participants Contact us

The prices above are of course subject to change according to certain conditions. For example, during the holiday season or long weekend. We also provide opportunities for you, potential customers, if you want to get the best price offer.

Ijen Bluefire Tour Package Facilities, Banyuwangi

As the best travel agency in Banyuwangi and the surrounding area, of course we really pay attention to the quality of our services, especially in terms of the availability of facilities. Likewise with the facilities that we have prepared for this one tour package.

So, what facilities will each of our Ijen & Bluefire Crater tour participants get? We will share with you.

Variety of facilities:

  • Vehicle
  • Drivers
  • fuel
  • Toll fees
  • Parking fees and fees
  • Hotel or inn accommodation close to Ijen Crater
  • Local guides
  • Entrance ticket to the Ijen & Bluefire Crater tourist area
  • Breakfast

The costs that we do not include as part of the Ijen Blue fire tour package facilities are as follows:

  • Dinner and lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tour outside the Ijen Bluefire tour package

Itinerary Ijen Crater Banyuwangi Holiday Packages

For a vacation to Mount Ijen itself, the duration is enough to take just 2 days and 1 night. However, if you are interested in combining it with other Banyuwangi tour packages such as Red Pulai Beach, Sukamade Beach, Teluk HIjau Beach, Baluran National Park, Kalibaru Highland and so on, you can contact our admin to discuss the tour schedule or the best rundown for you

First day: Banyuwangi – Ijen Crater Tour

The Ijen Crater Tour Package starts with a pick-up on your arrival in Banyuwangi then head to the hotel to check in. rest and lunch at a local restaurant around the Banyuwangi City area

Second day: Ijen Crater Tour / Ijen Blue Fire Tour

The Ijen Crater travel package or Mount Ijen climbing package starts with getting up at 4:00 a.m. drive to the Mount Ijen climbing post in about 1 hour, arrive at the Paltuding climbing post start for trekking to the Ijen crater lake location with a climbing time of about 1-2 hours, arrived at the Crater to enjoy the beautiful scenery around and witness the activities of sulfur miners on Mount Ijen.

After being satisfied with the cheap Banyuwangi tour exploration, especially the Ijen crater vacation, return to Paltuding to continue back to the hotel. Then pack up, after checking out from the inn/hotel then transfer back to Malang/Surabaya for a duration of 7 hours. Arriving at the agreed place, the Ijen Crater Tour Package program is complete.

Note: For the Ijen blue fire tour, departure is at 1 pm from the inn to catch the dark atmosphere on Mount Ijen so that you can witness the emission of the blue fire of Mount Ijen. For other attractive Banyuwangi holiday packages.

For a vacation to Mount Ijen itself, the duration is enough to take just 2 days and 1 night. However, if you are interested in combining it with other Banyuwangi tour packages such as Red Pulai Beach, Sukamade Beach, Teluk HIjau Beach, Baluran National Park, Kalibaru Highland and so on, you can contact our admin to discuss the tour schedule or the best rundown for you

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